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Field sobriety tests are used on DUI suspects to test their physical and mental skills. After an officer pulls you over to the side of the road, he or she may first ask you some questions and observe you for signs that may indicate intoxication, such as slurred speech or bloodshot eyes. The officer may then ask you to step out of the vehicle to perform one or more tests. Unlike breath and blood tests, a driver may refuse to take field sobriety tests without facing administrative license suspension penalties. The purpose of a field sobriety test is to determine whether a driver is “under the influence” of alcohol or drugs; that is, whether his or her normal abilities are impaired because of these substances. A field sobriety test may analyze a driver’s balance, coordination, and ability to follow instructions.

Contact a DUI attorney at The Law Place today if you were arrested for drunk driving in Manatee County, Florida. If you submitted to field sobriety tests and “failed” this may be used against you in court. You need a criminal defense attorney to prove that these test results do not prove that you were driving under the influence.

Field Sobriety Tests & Bradenton DUI Cases

An experienced DUI lawyer will understand that field sobriety tests have many faults and cannot be entirely accurate in determining whether a driver is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. A driver’s age or weight may affect his or her ability to perform a test. If the driver is nervous, tired or ill his or her results will also be skewed. It will be your lawyer’s job to thoroughly review any video of field sobriety tests, the police reports or the officer’s testimony in order to determine how to effectively challenge your field sobriety test results.

Arrested for DUI in Manatee County, Florida? Contact an attorney at our firm today!

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