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The DUI process begins with the initial police stop. An officer will pull over a driver for specific behavior that indicates he or she may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs: swerving, speeding, driving too slowly, etc. After pulling over the driver, the following is how a DUI arrest and charge may unfold:

  • Officer Observation: the officer will look for outward signs of intoxication, such as slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, etc.
  • Field Sobriety Tests: the officer will test the driver’s mental and physical abilities using field sobriety tests such as the walk and turn, one leg stand or horizontal gaze nystagmus.
  • DUI Arrest: the officer will arrest the driver if observations and field sobriety tests establish probable cause that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Confiscation of Driver’s License: the officer will confiscate the driver’s license and issue him/her a notice of suspension.
  • Breath or Blood Testing: after the arrest, the driver will typically be given a choice between a breath and blood test to determine his or her blood alcohol concentration.
  • DUI Charges: usually dependent upon the outcome of breath or blood testing, the driver may then face criminal charges for DUI.

At the same time that your criminal case is pending, you will face administrative license suspension proceedings with the Florida DHSMV (Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles). These two branches of your Manatee County DUI case are separate and do not affect one another.

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Throughout the entire DUI process, you need an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney at your side. Your attorney’s skill will directly impact the outcome of your criminal case as well as your DMV hearing. At The Law Place, we are fully qualified to take on your case and give you the representation you need.

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