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Contacting a DUI attorney at our Bradenton firm only takes a minute of your time, but the end result can affect you for a lifetime. Although drunk driving offenses are relatively common and may be considered lesser criminal offenses by some, the consequences that a conviction can have on your life are long-lasting and actually very serious.

Our team of Florida criminal defense attorneys at The Law Place recognizes how serious a Manatee County DUI charge can be. This is one of the most crucial times of your life. Your freedom and your driving privileges are on the line, and you need a DUI lawyer to protect your rights at your DMV hearing and through the criminal court process in Manatee County. Our firm has brought together some of the brightest legal minds in Florida, including former prosecuting attorneys as well as former public defenders. We work together to develop innovative DUI defense strategies that are built upon a firm knowledge of both sides of a criminal case. We represent clients throughout Bradenton and the surrounding areas in all of Manatee County.

Our firm was founded on the belief that every person charged with a crime deserves the best defense possible. Let us prove this commitment to you. From the moment that you contact an attorney at our firm for a free consultation, you will experience the personalized attention and respect that all of our clients receive. As we take your Bradenton DUI case through the legal process, you will then experience our ability to effectively represent your interests and build an aggressive defense strategy that is built specifically for your unique case.

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If you or someone you know was arrested for DUI or a related offense in Manatee County or the surrounding areas in Florida, a DUI lawyer at The Law Place can help.

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