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Driver’s license suspension is an inherent part of any Manatee County DUI case. You may face license suspension from both branches of the DUI process: the DMV hearing and the criminal court case. Fortunately, an attorney can protect you both at your administrative hearing and in court in order to protect your license. An attorney can also assist you in applying for and obtaining a hardship license if your driver’s license has already been suspended. A hardship license will grant you the authority to drive for specific purposes only: to and from work, school and for necessary household errands.

Fortunately, you are granted due process before your license can be suspended. After a DUI arrest you must contact the Florida DHSMV and file a request for an administrative review hearing to challenge your license suspension. You must request the hearing within 10 calendar days of your arrest or your right to challenge the suspension will be revoked. As far as license suspension resulting from a criminal conviction, your criminal defense lawyer has the opportunity to fight to help you avoid a conviction and therefore all the penalties associated with this – one of which is license suspension.

Having a suspended license will mean that you will need to rely upon public transportation or friends and family to get anywhere. Even getting to and from work can become a difficult task, and not being able to drive can affect your employment as well as your life in general.

Bradenton DUI Charges & Suspended Licenses

The benefits of involving a DUI lawyer in your case are innumerable. If you would like to protect your driving privileges or are interested in securing a hardship license, contact our firm today. At The Law Place we represent clients in license suspension proceedings throughout Bradenton and the surrounding areas in Manatee County. We offer a free consultation to get you started.

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