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Driving under the influence of drugs, also referred to as DUID, DUI of drugs or drugged driving, is the same offense as driving under the influence of alcohol. Florida DUI law includes alcohol, controlled substances and chemical substances. If you are discovered to be operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an illegal narcotic, prescription drugs, over the counter medicine or any chemical substance (glue, paint, and aerosol) you may be charged with DUI.

The Law Place provides aggressive DUI defense representation to clients facing drugged driving charges throughout Bradenton and the surrounding areas in Manatee County, Florida. Contact a DUI attorney at our firm for a free consultation and you will have the chance to find out what you are up against, what your options are and what you can do to positively affect your case.

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DUI cases involving drugs are handled slightly differently than those involving alcohol, and your attorney should be experienced in dealing with DUI of drugs cases in particular. For example, a breath test will not be administered for a DUID case. A blood or urine test will most likely be done to determine whether a controlled substance is present in your system. Field sobriety tests will play a more important role, as the prosecution will need to prove that your normal abilities were impaired due to drug use.

Our legal team has the resources and the experience to provide you with the aggressive legal representation you need in the face of your DUI of drugs charges. Let us review your case and see what action we can take on your behalf to help you avoid a conviction.

Contact a DUI lawyer at our firm regarding your driving under the influence of drugs charges.

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